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CAL BrickLab 3D

Barbie-Inspired Personalized Custom 3D-Printed Name Sign

Barbie-Inspired Personalized Custom 3D-Printed Name Sign

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Our Barbie-inspired name signs are a cute addition to your desk, shelf, or wall. Each sign is custom designed, and the size will vary depending on the requested name/word. If you have any questions, please ask, we are quick to answer!

📐Approximate Dimensions (Varies depending on number of letters):
Height: about 1.6 inches
Depth: about 0.6 inches
Length (varies depending on the name): up to 8 inches

With 3D printing, layer lines are visible and slight imperfections may be present.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are NOT for children 3 and under, as there is a risk that parts of the plastic may break off with usage, presenting a choking hazard.

CAL BrickLAB has been in professional online retail since 2008. We offer excellent customer service and high quality products. Please contact us for custom requests for any of our listings!

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